Get the Best Domain Name for Your Brand

Every great idea deserves a great domain name

What’s in a domain name? That must be the question reeling in your head. It’s one of the essential possessions you need to have online, and yet some take it for granted.

Today, it’s high time to stress the need to have one and how to choose the best for your business.

Why Do You Need a Domain Name?

1. Online Address

A domain name works similarly as your home or office address. When you want your visitors to find where you are the first time, they will rely on your online name to achieve that.

2. Google Ranking

Google uses a long list of criteria plus an algorithm to determine where you will appear on search queries. In fact, some experts say there are at least 200 factors that influence your rank.

Your domain name is one of them. It’s because it helps establish two things: relevancy and authenticity. Relevancy, in this case, means the association of your domain name to the rest of the keywords you use for your content, as well as your brand.

Authenticity, meanwhile, is all about trustworthiness and credibility. It hurts Google if they display websites that are fake in the first place.

3. Authority

Suppose you’re a courier and you need to deliver your items to your customers. Which address will make you feel more at ease: a PO box or a complete one? The answer will definitely be the latter even if both may be legitimate addresses.

It’s the same thing with domain. When you have a domain name, your customers will feel more comfortable dealing with you because they see your brand as authoritative and credible.

Choosing Your Domain Name

Because your domain name is extremely important, you can’t leave it to chance. Here are x tips when it comes to choosing one:

1. Stick with the brand. The simplest domain name is that of your business. As you build a brand both online and offline, people are likely to search for it than the keyword.

2. Use your primary keyword. If you are a young company with no brand presence anywhere yet, your next best option for a domain name is your primary keyword. For example, if you’re selling refurbished Apple products, your domain name may be

If you have a specific geography in mind, you can also include it in your domain name. Using the example above, if you wish to sell only to NY customers, your online address can be

3. Buy all the extensions if you can. The extensions can give the users a better idea of what your site is about. For businesses, it’s almost always .com. The extensions .edu and .gov are specific for education- and government-related sites only.

But you may still want to register domain names under these extensions to prevent your competitors can taking them in case your business starts taking off. They may buy these in the hopes to ride on to your success or potentially mislead your customers.

4. Do your research. Before you buy a domain, perform a search. It must be unique, after all. If the name you have in mind is already taken, get some suggestions. You may also come up with at least 5 names to start with.

Domain names are cheap. Usually, they cost you no more than $15 a year. Some web hosting and online marketing sites can even give them to you for free as part of their plans.

Every great idea deserves a great domain name. Make sure you get one today and start building your online presence.

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